Friday, May 05, 2006

the cannonisation of the pope are you JOKING

Hello People

the following was put on the action network notices on the 4th May 2006.

seems that the Catholic church ought to take a RAIN CHECK ON THIS. I wonder if all the children who have contracted aids due to the stupidity of the Catholic church feel the same way as those in charge of making this decision to cannonise him.

while I have been making my protest banners I've often been tempted to do one about this issue and it would have read something like this 'EVEN NOW THE POPE IS PREPARING TO REINCARNATE AS AN AIDS VICTIM IN AFRICA FOR THE SIN OF LACK OF COMPASSION.

It seems curious to me that that Catholic church can provide for the forgiveness of sins after the event but are a little bit shy of offering it prior as in the case of providing condoms to those most in need. I have also wondered why they don't just provide them with a little caption that reads 'please say three hail Mary's if you have been tempted to use this' That would exhonourate the poor sinner wouldn't it???

I wonder if this new pope knowing that indeed Jesus did teach the truth of reincarnation will have the bottle to finally allow the Catholic church to reveal this to the world and beg forgiveness for hiding it from the general public all these years or is it that they so trashed their records that this nolonger exists in their extensive library???

As for the U.K. I personnaly wonder why Viagra is not available in our local pharmacy to purchase over the counter as a non-prescribed drug, that has warnings attached that they could cause a heart attack, but that they will not blind. That would save everyone the trouble of having to buy it from America via the internet. Maybe we'd have alot more satisfied looking women walking the streets and more guys who felt like super studs. After all there are other religions in the world that classify the orgasm as a Divine experience, not like the whip me for thinking purient thoughts that the Catholic church has indulged in over the centuries.

Love n Light Crazydave.

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